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S.H.A.R.E. -- Equipment
System for Handicap Accessability, Recreation and Education

The S.H.A.R.E. system consists of two modules, or three cabinets.  One is module 'inside' where
the crowd is, the other module, consisting of two cabinets are at the telescope outside.  The
outside module can be used without the inside module to record astronomical events.  The inside
module can be used alone for presentations.  

The inside cabinet contains:

    o Table for a monitor or projector.

    o Slide out table for a laptop computer.

    o VHS VCR that can either record an event, or play to the monitor or projector.

    o FRS Radio link to the telescope.

    o There is a Sony color monitor that is usually associated with the inside cabinet.

    o Almost 300 feet of cable to connect to the outsude cabinet.

The Inside cabinet is usually set up in the Centennial observatory, and the Sony
monitor is used to monitor the house video signal showing what the 24" Herett
telescope is pointing at.

Outside Module - Electronic Cabinet:

    o Video monitor.

    o VHS VCR. 

    o 9" video monitor.  

    o Power distribution.

Outside Module - Equipment Cabinet:

    o Astrovid Stellacam Deep Sky video camera.

    o Astrovid 2000 Lunar and Planetary camera.

    o FRS Radio link to the inside module.

    o Image Intensifier.  Nearly worn out, but still cool for crowd shots.

    o Various Eyepieces, barlows, video lenses, wiring and telescope accessories.

Outside Module - Power Package:

    o 600 AH Deep Discharge RV/Marine Battery.  (Thanks Jay Hartwell)

    o Large near sine wave inverter.

The equipment cabinet used to contain the inverter, but it has been removed 
and is carried with the battery.  This allows the battery and inverter to be used
in situations where the rest of the Share outdoor module is not needed.  For example
maybe to give a presentation in a location where no commercial power is available.

Rick Widmer has the following equipment that can be used with the S.H.A.R.E. System
that he is not giving up ownership of.  This equipment will also be used with his
Amateur Television station when not used for astronomy.

    o 4 input 2 output video switcher.

    o 15mm-150mm f/1.4 4" motorized zoom lens.

    o Vicon Tilt/Pan head.

    o 2 Panasonic WV-CL352 Color Cameras

    o 1 Panasonic WV-BP134 MCC1300N-2 B&W Camera.

    o 1 Pelco B&W Camera with a NASA property tag.

    o Various other cables, connectors and accessories.

    o Tilt/Pan tripod for manual camera operation.

S.H.A.R.E. System Wish List:

    Dedicated Telescope.  Clock drive is essential, goto highly desired.

    Inside Module:

        o DVD Recorder/Player.

        o Video Projector.

        o Laptop Computer with video editing software, and video capture capability.

        o Newer radio that supports privacy codes.

    Outside Module - Electronic Cabinet: 

        o 6 input 4 output video switch matrix.

        o DVD Recorder/Player.

        o Newer radio that supports privacy codes.

    Video Equipment

        o Special Effects Switcher with frame buffered input.  Panasonic has sone
          nice ones on Ebay for about $5000.

        o 6 input 2 or more output video switch matrix for permanent location in
          the observatory.

        o 4mm c or cs mount wide angle video lens.  f/1.8 or less is preferred.

        o Any c or cs mount video lens, but motorized and very low f/ numbers are preferred.